Top 15 Best Gaming Headsets for Streaming on Twitch & Youtube

The best gaming headsets will allow you to communicate with your viewers and teammates while also providing high-quality audio and comfort. Most streamers will use a headset as their streaming microphone as it’s very practical and generally easier than using an external microphone.

Gaming headsets usually have directional surround sound which is very important for shooters like CSGO or Fortnite. Directional surround sound allows you to hear and react to your enemy’s footsteps giving you a significant advantage. These headsets put comfort as a top priority and are designed for long gaming sessions.

On this page, I’ll be reviewing and comparing the top 15 gaming headsets for streaming live on Twitch or Youtube!

SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis 7, The Best Gaming Headset for Streaming

The Arctis 7 is the most awarded wireless gaming headset by far, it’s been voted best gaming headset by all of the top review sites and magazines. This headset is packed with impressive features and would be perfect for streaming on Twitch or Youtube.

Wireless gaming peripherals used to have a bad reputation, this is no longer the case. This headset guarantees lag-free wireless audio thanks to the 2.4G technology. The 24 hour battery life means you can game all day without interruption. The wireless has an impressive range of 12 meters. Wireless headsets allow you to be away from your PC while still talking your Twitch viewers or teammates.

This headset has an extremely comfortable and ergonomic design. Its ski goggle suspension band helps level the weight of the headset on your head. The AirWeave ear cushions are designed to keep you comfy for long gaming sessions. A volume control wheel, an off button, and a mute button can be found on the left ear of the headset.

Sennheiser Game ONE

Unlike a lot of the other brands in this list, Sennheiser are primarily known for their audio products. Sennheiser boasts that the top-notch audio will let you focus on your game and not your headset.

The XXL plush velvet ear pads and cushioned headband ensure maximum comfort, whether it’s a 30 minute session or an all-night marathon. Thanks to the pro microphone you can talk to your teammates or viewers with no worry of background noise interfering. You can expect clear and responsive audio with Sennheiser’s original transducer technology.

Easy to use audio controls can be found on the right ear cup. This headset also includes a convenient mute function, simply lift the boom arm and you’ll automatically mute.

Logitech makes some of the best gaming peripherals on the market, especially their gaming mice. The G432 has a lightweight design with sports performance ear pads and rotating ear cups. The headset comes in one design which is black with blue padding.

With the 7.1 surround sound audio you’ll be able to hear and locate enemies quicker than ever. The noise-cancelling microphone should allow you to clearly communicate with friends and teammates. The easy to access volume controls combined with the flip-to-mute mic makes the G432 a breeze to use.

CORSAIR Void RGB Elite – Wireless

The Void Elite is a wireless gaming headset with RGB lighting and a slick design. Corsair are known to make high-quality gaming peripherals and this headset is no exception. It’s sold in either black or white and can also be bought with a headset stand, this stand includes a handy charging port.

The cushions are made of memory foam and should provide exceptional comfort while gaming. It has genuine 7.1 surround sound guaranteeing immersive and responsive audio. With the low latency 2.4GHz wireless you won’t have to worry about any delay in your audio. The wireless has a 40 ft range so you can leave your PC and continue to chat with your teammates.

The headset is equipped with a unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone, it will reduce any unwanted ambient background noise while delivering crystal clear quality. With a 16 hour battery life, you can simply use it during the day and charge it overnight. Using Corsair’s iCUE software you can sync up the RGB lighting with other iCUE products you own.

Sennheiser GSP 550

Sennheiser GSP 550 surround sound gaming headset

This is one of Sennheiser’s leading gaming headsets and therefore is quite expensive. The headset has a rugged military-like design and is only available in one color scheme; black and green.  

The highlight of this headset is the 7.1 Dolby surround sound. Surround sound greatly improves your gaming experience while also giving you an edge on your opponents in FPS games like PUBG. The headset is equipped with a high-quality microphone designed to minimize background noise. Simply lifting the boom arm towards the headband will automatically mute the mic until it’s brought back down.

It’s a comfortable headset with a thoughtful and ergonomic design. With an open design and breathable fabrics you’re able to focus on your game, not your headset. If it’s within your budget then this is another great headset choice for live streaming your gameplay.

Razer Kraken X Ultralight

Razer Kraken X Ultralight

The Razer Kraken X is a chunky but comfy headset with multiple design options and some great streaming friendly features. It comes in 3 editions, black, gunmetal grey, and mercury white.

The headset delivers 7.1 surround sound allowing you to hear what direction your enemies are coming from. The large audio drivers offer a louder and richer soundstage than ever before. The flexible microphone has active noise cancellation. A noise-cancelling microphone is crucial for streaming as you don’t want any background noise to interfere.

Although the headset has a chunky design it’s still super lightweight at just 250g. The ear cushions are large and soft as well as sound isolating. The cushions can also be removed and replaced with different shapes which are sold separately.

HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless

The Cloud Flight Wireless headset is another superb choice for streaming games on Twitch. It’s a wireless headset with a 30 hour battery life and a gaming-grade wireless connection. You can expect signature HyperX comfort thanks to the memory foam cushions and adjustable steel slider.

The immersive audio the headset delivers will enhance your gaming experience. Its microphone is noise-cancelling and provides clear audio quality. The microphone is detachable making the headset safe and easy to travel with. All of the audio controls you need are located on the bottom of the left ear cup.

There’s an LED backlit HyperX logo on each of the ear cups, keep in mind having these lights on will decrease the battery life.

This headset has an ergonomic design with a self-adjusting headband, closed ear cups, and plush padding. The MSI logo on the ears is backlit with red led lighting. On the cable you’ll find a small control panel with volume control and a microphone mute button.

The DS502 has built-in 40mm drivers providing high-quality audio to assist your gaming. There is an optional vibration system that can further improve your in-game immersion and awareness. The adjustable omnidirectional microphone delivers clean and clear audio canceling out most background noise.

This is the earlier version of the G432 and is a little cheaper. It has a lightweight design only weighing 280g. It’s a black headset with red details around the ears as well as black padding across the headband.

The audio quality should be clear and crisp thanks to the 50mm drivers. It has game-quality stereo sound and will make your game come to life. You’ll find easy-to-access volume controls on the backside of the left ear. The fold-out microphone is noise-cancelling and should deal with any unwanted background noise. On top of this, the mic is also “flip-to-mute” which is always nice.

The headset has been designed to be comfortable during long gaming sessions. It’s ear cups are made with sports grade cloth which makes them very breathable. The ear cups can rotate 90 degrees allowing them to lay flat. The 90 degree pivot makes it easy to travel with the headset without damaging it.

CORSAIR HS70 – Wireless

CORSAIR HS70 Wireless

This headset is a wireless version of the HS50’s with slightly improved audio capabilities. The headset is sold in 3 different designs, carbon, white and SE.

One great feature this headset has is the detachable microphone, this allows you to keep the microphone out of the way whenever you’re not using it. You don’t have to worry about any connectivity issues as the headset uses 2.4GHz wireless technology. The 7.1 surround sound will enhance your in-game awareness giving you an edge over your opponents.

The headset has a long-range wireless connection so you can leave your PC or console and continue to chat with your teammates or stream viewers. It has a comfortable and ergonomic build including plush memory foam adjustable ear cups.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5

The Arctis 5 headset is specifically designed with PC gamers in mind. Its all-black design combined with the subtle RGB lighting gives it a very cool look.

The ClearCast bidirectional microphone is recognized as one of the best in gaming. This retractable mic produces studio-quality voice audio with impressive background noise reduction. The DTS v2.0 surround sound will give you 360 degrees of audio immersion. Having good surround sound provides a significant edge in fps games like CSGO.

The ergonomic design will allow you to be comfortable during extended gaming sessions. The ski goggle suspension band makes the headset feel almost weightless on your head. The AirWeave ear cushions will keep your ears cool and dry, inspired by athletic performance fabrics.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The HyperX Cloud Revolver is an impressive headset ideal for FPS gameplay. Its all-black design and solid-steel frame give it a super cool and comfortable look.

Its key feature is the USB audio control box with a DSP sound card. The control box has all of the audio buttons you’ll need as well as three equaliser presets to regulate your output levels. Thanks to the Dolby 7.1 surround sound you’ll be able to hear enemies from all directions. There is no software required to use this headset making it plug and play.

The headset is very comfortable as the cushions are made with HyperX’s signature memory foam.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX’s Cloud Stinger is a lightweight gaming headset weighing only 275 grams. The low weight combined with its signature memory foam makes it a great comfort choice for long sessions.

The microphone has built-in passive noise cancellation which will reduce background noise providing clearer voice quality. One unique thing with this headset is the swivel to mute feature, the microphone will automatically mute when swiveled up away from your face. The 50mm directional drivers are made for audio precision, this headset will improve your in-game awareness with its directional audio.



The HS50 Pro is a reasonably priced wired headset with all of the basic features you would want for gaming and live streaming. It’s a black headset with a few subtle color options to choose from, you can choose between a carbon, blue or green trim.

On the backside of the left ear, you’ll find standard volume controls including a mute button. The rugged metal structural build components are designed to give it long-term durability. With its unidirectional microphone, you won’t be outputting any unwanted background noise when talking to teammates. The mic is also fully detachable giving you more freedom to use the headphones outside of gaming.

There is an option on Amazon to buy it packaged with the ST100 headset stand. This headset stand designed by Corsair has two USB ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The stand also has RGB lighting which can be synced up with other Corsair products using the iCUE software.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Wireless / Wired

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

The Arctis Pro is available both wired or wireless, the wireless version being significantly more expensive. It can also be bought with its own DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) which can further improve the audio quality and capability.

The wireless version promises lossless audio for gaming thanks to its 2.4G connection, Bluetooth is also included for mobile devices. The ClearCast microphone is known to be one of the best gaming mics, the background noise cancellation helps deliver clear audio. It comes with two rechargeable batteries meaning you can always keep one charging ready to swap out when needed. The 40,000 Hz Hi-Res audio will keep you fully immersed in whatever game you’re playing.

It’s built with high-quality materials and will be comfortable for long or short gaming sessions. The wireless version comes with its own transmitter which has all of the necessary controls you may need.

Summary – Best Gaming Headset for Streaming

As you can see there are a lot of great headsets to choose from, hopefully this list will help you decide which one is best suited for you. I would recommend choosing whichever headset looks the most comfortable that’s within your price range. If you want the luxury of a wireless headset then it’s going to cost a bit more. All of the headsets on this list are good enough for streaming and will get the job done.

Thanks for reading and good luck with streaming : – )

What to consider when buying a headset:


It’s important to make sure a headset is compatible with the platform you’re going to be playing on. It sounds obvious but it’s a fairly easy mistake to make. Always double-check to make sure the headset your buying will work with you’re platform!


You’re probably going to be wearing your headset for extended periods of time and it’s important you’re comfortable. While all of these headsets are designed to be comfy, they might not all be perfect for you. For example, if you wear glasses you might not want a headset with a tight fit. It’s a good idea to look through the specifications and images on Amazon to make sure the headset will be a good fit for you.

Audio quality

The audio quality of a headset generally depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Higher-end headsets will often have 7.1 Dolby surround sound making them very satisfying for gaming. The cheaper headsets in this list will still sound great and I wouldn’t worry too much as they are all designed with gaming in mind.

Microphone quality

If you’re planning to use your headset as your main streaming microphone then it’s important to consider the microphone quality. A great way to check the mic quality of a headset you don’t own is to look up videos on Youtube. You can almost always find a microphone test video for popular gaming headsets. Gaming headsets generally have high-quality microphones and naturally the more you spend the better they will be.