The Best RGB Mouse Pads for 2021!

An RGB mouse pad is often the last piece of the puzzle for a full RGB gaming setup. On this page, I’ll be reviewing what I think are the 7 best RGB mouse pads on the market. While the list is ordered, none of these pads are necessarily better than another, it all comes down to personal preference. 

Choosing a mouse pad used to be tough as the old mouse sensors weren’t always able to track on all surfaces. It’s a lot simpler nowadays as modern gaming sensors can handle almost any surface, but there are still a few things to consider. The three main aspects of a mouse pad are the material, thickness, and size. To find out more about the different surfaces you can read the guide at the bottom of this page.

1. SteelSeries QcK RGB Prism

The SteelSeries QcK is the best selling gaming mouse pad of all time, it’s a cloth pad with many sizes and designs to choose from. The RGB Prism edition is available in two sizes, Medium and XL. Both sizes have a 4mm thickness which is somewhere in the middle between heavy and thin.

You can enable some impressive features using the SteelSeries Engine software, this is where you can customize all of the settings for the mouse pad.

Discord notifications – Customizable Discord chat notifications to indicate new messages, mute status and more.

Game alerts – In-game lighting alerts for when to reload, health status, or abilities coming off cooldown.

Audio Visualiser – Sync up your music to the lighting by using the Audio Visualiser Engine App.

PrismSync – Sync dynamic RGB lighting effects between all your SteelSeries Prism-enabled products.

2. Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

The MM800 RGB Polaris is an RGB gaming mouse pad from Corsair. There are two surface options to choose from, hard or cloth, but only it’s only available in one size which is medium. It’s 5mm thick putting it on the heavier side, heavy pads help deal with inconsistencies on the surface below.

It has RGB backlighting in 15 different zones with each zone being customizable, this unlocks almost infinite color combinations. There are 6 lighting effects to choose from as well as a static mode and the lighting link setting. The lighting link allows you to sync up your lighting with other RGB Corsair products, like your mouse or keyboard for example.

There’s a USB port on the back of the mouse pad which is pretty handy, the downside of this hub is that it may get in the way of your mouse wire.

3. Razer Goliathus Chroma

The Razer Goliathus Chroma is the RGB version of Razer’s best selling mouse pad, the Goliathus Speed. It’s a soft cloth pad with two sizes to choose from, standard or wide, both sizes have a medium thickness of 3mm. It’s also available in three different designs, matte black, mercury white, and quartz pink/grey. Razer have always been good at releasing their products with multiple color schemes.

The mouse pad has a bunch of cool effects and settings and you can adjust all of them using the Razer Synapse software. You can also sync up the lighting with other RGB Razer products, like a keyboard or mouse for example.

4. Cooler Master MP860

The Cooler Master MP860 is an RGB gaming mouse pad with a twist, each side of the pad has a different surface, one being cloth and the other being hard aluminum. It’s only available in a medium-size and has an octagon shape to it. The wire is nice and unobtrusive so it shouldn’t interfere with your mouse cable.

The RGB lighting has a few cool effects to choose from, including cycle, wave, stars, marquee, and custom. You can also sync up the lighting with other RGB Cooler Master products, such as a keyboard or mouse.

5. Razer Firefly Chroma

The Firefly Chroma is another RGB mouse pad from Razer, it’s a medium-sized pad with two surface options to choose from, cloth or hard. Instead of having a lighting strip along the edges of the pad, the Firefly is lit up from below, this gives it a more subtle effect. I don’t like the placement of the wire hub, the fact that it’s in the middle means it could interfere with your mouse cable.

Like all RGB Razer products, you can adjust all of the settings and effects using Razer Synapse. The effects include wave, spectrum cycle, breathing, static, and reactive. You’re also able to sync up the lighting with any other RGB Razer products you own.

6. RGB World Map Gaming Mouse Pad

Ever wanted to improve your geography skills between your matches? This is an RGB gaming mouse pad with a cloth surface and a large size. Extended pads are great if you have enough desk space, they have more than enough room for both your keyboard and mouse.

It has 14 dynamic lighting modes including breathing, gradient, and flash. This mouse pad requires no software or drivers making it plug and play, all of the settings and effects are controlled through one single button.

7. Redragon RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

This is a great choice for anyone looking for an RGB mouse pad on a budget. It has a hard waterproof surface and is only available in a medium size. The RGB strip goes around the whole pad, even the small Redragon logo has backlighting.

It has 12 lighting modes with a range of breathing effects and lighting levels. There is no software required to use this pad, all of the settings can be adjusted using the two buttons at the top.

Best RGB Mouse Pad

I have only included high-quality RGB mouse pads from reputable brands, any of these pads would be a great choice. Hopefully this page has helped you explore the options you have when looking for an RGB mouse pad. None of the pads on this list are necessarily better than another, it all depends on your personal preferences!

Thanks for reading : – )

How to choose a mouse pad for gaming

Cloth mouse pads

Cloth mouse pads are what most people are used to, it’s the most common surface by far making it a safe choice. The smooth soft surface has the perfect amount of friction to improve your control. While speed is good, too much can throw your accuracy out the window. You could argue that cloth pads are also the ergonomic choice as they are softer for your wrist. Although keep in mind that not all cloth pads are the same, a difference in thickness or stitching can go a long way.

Hard mouse pads

Hard pads are designed for speed and should always feel faster than cloth. They may take some getting used to if you are coming from a cloth pad, the speed could throw off your aim at first. A lot of people find that they have to lower their sensitivity in order to adjust to the increased speed a hard pad provides. Once mastered, a hard pad has a lot of potential, but until you try one out it’s hard to know if it’s the right surface for you. A less obvious bonus is that they are a lot easier to clean than cloth pads, you can just wipe them with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

The size

Gaming mouse pads are sold in a huge range of sizes ranging from small to XXL. Large mouse pads are great for anyone who likes to play with a low sensitivity, you’ll notice that most pro FPS players will have big mouse pads. Extended pads are designed to cover your whole desk, they’re big enough to fit both your keyboard and mouse with plenty of leeway. If you play with a high sens and don’t have much desk space, a small or medium pad will do the trick just fine.


A small difference in the thickness of a mouse pad can make more of an impact than you may think. Gaming mouse pads will range from 2mm to 5mm thick with 3mm being the standard.

Thin (2mm) – Provides a solid feel as there is less between the pad and the desk. A bit like using a hard pad but more comfortable on your wrist.

Standard (3mm) – In Between thin and heavy, this is the most common thickness and is what most people are used to.

Heavy (5mm) – Heavy pads are more comfortable as there is more cushion for your wrist. They are great for absorbing uneven surfaces below the pad, this makes them a safe choice for traveling as you might not always have the best surface to play on.