Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for the Office

mechanical keyboard for office

It’s not always easy to find mechanical keyboards suitable for the office, they’re either too noisy, too big, or too flashy. This is due to most mechanical keyboards being aimed towards gamers and a younger … Read more

8 Gaming Keyboards With a Wrist Rest

gaming keyboard with wrist rest

There are a few ways you can improve your ergonomics while gaming. One of the simplest solutions is to get a gaming keyboard with a wrist rest. While gaming keyboards are known for implementing as … Read more

The Smallest Mechanical Keyboards!

smallest mechanical keyboards

Mini mechanical keyboards are becoming very popular amongst typing enthusiasts, PC gamers, and people who travel a lot for work. I have found 4 of the smallest mechanical keyboards commercially available and given each one … Read more

Top 8 Portable Mechanical Keyboards for 2020

portable mechanical keyboard

On this page, I’ll be reviewing and comparing my favorite portable mechanical keyboards. One of the major drawbacks of mechanical keyboards is how clunky they usually are. While they may feel great to type with, … Read more