Ducky One 2 Mini vs Anne Pro 2 | Keyboard Comparison

On this page I’ll be reviewing and comparing the Ducky One 2 Mini vs the Anne Pro 2. These two keyboards are very similar at first glance but do have some unique differences. They are both 60% mechanical keyboards, this simply means they are 60% the size of a full-size keyboard. The 60% size is achieved by removing the function keys, navigational keys, arrow keys, and the numpad.

Quick review: Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky One 2 Mini is possibly the most popular 60% keyboard on the market, Ducky have always made amazing keyboards and the One 2 Mini is no exception. It has RGB lighting, double-shot keycaps and a slick design. It’s marketed as a gaming keyboard and is used by multiple pros, the most notable being Tfue. The wide range of Cherry switches to choose from makes it suitable for all typing preferences. 60% keyboards are great for many reasons, they look cool, they save desk space and they’re easy to travel with.

Like most 60% keyboards, it’s missing the arrow keys, the function keys, the numpad, and the navigational keys. Keep in mind all of these keys can be accessed using Fn or Alt modifiers.


The Ducky One 2 Mini has a unique two-piece casing, the top half is black and the bottom half is white. This two-piece design is a nice change from the norm, most keyboards will have a single case with a single colour. The casing is made of plastic which is perfectly fine as the internal steel plate prevents any flexing.

A Ducky logo along with the model name can be found on the backside of the casing, the branding is small and non-intrusive, I personally think it looks pretty cool.

All of the keys are raised above the edges of the keyboard, this gives the outside keys a sweet floating effect and the RGB lighting enhances this illusion even further.

On the bottom side of the keyboard, there are four thin rubber grips along with two flip-up feet compartments. The keyboard is already slightly angled when laid flat which is complemented by the shape of the keycaps. The flip-up feet allow you to adjust the keyboard into three different angles.

RGB Lighting

Each key on the Ducky One 2 has independent RGB backlighting, this opens up an endless realm of customization. Ducky have included multiple preset lighting effects as well as the option to color each key individually. Every keycap has transparent lettering allowing the RGB lights to shine through from below.

You will have to use onboard commands to customize and set your lighting settings. Don’t worry if the commands are confusing at first, the keyboard comes with a great manual that explains all of the lighting functions.

Switches and keycaps

The Ducky One 2 Mini has 6 switches to choose from depending on where you order from. Ducky use the german made Cherry MX switches which have a 60 million click lifespan. The available keys are Cherry MX Blacks, Browns, Blues, Reds, Speeds, and Silent Reds. This is a perfect range of key switches and should have a fit for all typing preferences. If you’re unsure of which switch type to go for I would recommend buying a switch tester from Amazon.

The keyboard has Double-Shot PBT keycaps with transparent lettering. They have been designed and engineered in a way to ensure long-term durability and zero fading. 

One of the main perks of using a mechanical keyboard is the freedom to change the keycaps. The keyboard actually comes with a few random additional keycaps for you to mess around with. A lot of people order custom keycaps to personalize their keyboards, I recommend checking out the mechanical keyboard subreddit for some inspiration.

Functions and settings

There are a ton of onboard functions that can be accessed using Fn and Alt commands. For example, holding Fn will turn J, K, L, and I into arrow keys. The Fn modifier essentially gives you access to all of the keys missing from a full-sized keyboard.

Ducky Fn Layer

Using Fn + Alt as a modifier will unlock the third layer, this layer has all of the lighting functions and any other additional settings. There are some pretty cool functions such as RGB lighting games and macro recording.

Ducky Fn Alt Layer

All of the settings and functions have to be done using the onboard commands, there is no downloadable software for the Ducky One 2 Mini. This is the main downside to this keyboard as most people, including myself are used to using software to manage our settings. If you do plan on buying this keyboard then I highly recommend reading through the manual in order to get familiar with the commands and functions.

In the box

  • Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Keycap Puller
  • Extra keycaps (random colors)

Quick review: Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 is a 60% mechanical keyboard with no shortage of features. This is a new and improved version of the original Anne Pro. It has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless, RGB backlighting, 3 function layers, and two colors to choose from. The Anne Pro 2 is very popular amongst FPS gamers as less keyboard space equals more mouse space.

Just like the Ducky One 2 Mini this keyboard is missing the arrow keys, the function keys, the numpad, and the navigational keys. All of the missing keys can be accessed using Fn modifiers.

Anne Pro 2 60% mechanical keyboard review


You have two colors to choose from, all white or all black. The casing is made of plastic and there is a steel plate inside to keep the board sturdy. There are no feet on the Anne Pro 2 which could be a deal-breaker for some, it does have a slight inclination to compensate for this. The high-profile edges hide the key switches, unlike the Ducky One 2 Mini which has no borders.

The bottom of the keyboard has four thin rubber feet to keep it in place as well as an on & off switch. You will also find a big obinslab logo with the keyboard model below it.

Anne Pro 2 White

Switches and keycaps

There are a lot of switches to choose from when buying from Amazon, keep in mind the options will differ depending on what region you’re in. If you buy from the US there are three key switch brands to choose from, each having three switches available. These brands are Cherry, Gateron, and Khail. The great range of switches to choose from makes the Anne Pro 2 a suitable keyboard for all typing preferences.

The keycaps are very high quality, the characters will never fade out thanks to the doubleshot lettering. Each keycap has transparent lettering allowing the RGB lighting to shine through perfectly. You should receive a few extra blank keycaps as well as a keycap puller with the keyboard. Customizing and adding your own keycaps is one of the best parts of owning a mechanical keyboard.

Anne Pro 2 vs Ducky One 2 Mini - switches

Wireless Bluetooth

The Anne Pro 2 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless. You can connect to mobile devices with ease and pair with up to 4 devices at once. There is a very slight delay when typing on wireless but this is to be expected. It will charge during wired use and can last for up to 8 hours while not plugged in.

RGB Lighting

Every key on the Anne Pro 2 has independent RGB backlighting which allows you to personalize the lighting to a crazy extent. There are few preset lighting effects that can be toggled using onboard functions. The transparent lettering on the keycaps allows the lighting to shine through perfectly. You can use the OLS software to adjust all of the lighting settings and effects, this is a lot easier than using onboard commands.

Anne Pro 2 RGB Lighting effect


One of the best things about the Anne Pro 2 is the OLS software it comes with. Having a program to adjust all of the keyboard settings is so much easier than relying on onboard functions. The application has a clean design and is very straightforward to use. This is where you can adjust the layers, layouts, macros, lighting, and more.

As I mentioned earlier, the Ducky One 2 Mini does not have software to go with it. This, in my opinion, is the main advantage the Anne Pro 2 has over the Ducky.


Additional layers can be accessed by holding down Fn1 or Fn2, these layers allow you to use the functions that are missing due to the 60% size of the keyboard. The easiest way to find out how these layers work is to check out the Anne Pro 2 user manual on their website. You can also fully customize both of the layers using the OLS software.

There is an additional layer called the tap layer. The tap layer makes tapping a key perform a different function compared to holding the key down. For example, the default tap layer turns the bottom right keys into arrow keys when tapped. A lack of arrow keys is one of the downsides of 60% keyboards, a tap layer is a nice solution to that.

In the box

  • Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Keycap Puller
  • Extra keycaps (random colors)
Anne Pro 2 extra keycaps


Both of these keyboards are extremely popular amongst gamers and keyboard enthusiasts. Which you prefer will come down to the price, design, and functions. One is not necessarily better than the other but I hope this page has helped you see the differences.

The main difference between these two keyboards is that the Anne Pro 2 has Bluetooth wireless and keyboard software whereas the Ducky One 2 does not.

Thanks for reading : – )