Faker’s Setup, Keybinds, Settings & Biography

On this page I’ll be talking about Faker’s gaming setup, his keybinds and his history with SKT.

Faker gaming setup, keybinds and biography

Lee Sang-Hyeok also known as Faker is the mid laner for SKT Telecom in League of Legends. Faker is possibly the most famous League player and has fans all over the world. He has won three World Championships, 2013, 2015 and 2016, only two players have won three worlds, the other player being bengi. Faker is considered the best League of Legends player in the world by many esports journalists and pro players such as Thorin, Alex Ich, and Maknoon.

Faker's Gaming Setup

Faker’s Keybinds

Keybind Key
Ability 1
Ability 2
Ability 3
Ability 4
Summoner Spell 1
Summoner Spell 2
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6

Faker’s Settings

Windows Sensitivity: 6

DPI: 3500

Game Sensitivity: 70

Mouse Camera Speed: 50

Keyboard Camera Speed: 50

SK Telecom

Faker was picked up by SK Telecom in 2013, they formed a team around Faker and dubbed it SK Telecom T1 2. At the time the team was made up of Piglet, Impact, bengi, and PoohManDu. Faker dropped out of high school to join the B team which was not an easy decision for him and his Dad. He quickly made a name for himself thanks to his impressive plays during the OGN Olympus Champions Spring in 2013, Faker and his team ended up placing 3rd. After only one single tournament Faker was already in discussion as the best mid laner in the world.

It was during the 2013 Summer Finals when Faker made his true claim to fame. During the game 5 match versus KT Bullets Faker managed to win an unbelievable 1v1 against Ryu, this won them the match and the clip quickly went viral. SKT’s performance earned them a spot in the 2013 World Championship which they went on to win 1st place. Within their first year of competing SKT had already become the strongest team in the world.

SKT had some low points during 2014 and they failed to qualify for Worlds. They continued to compete and Faker was determined to climb back to the top. SKT regained their dominance during 2015 by sweeping through the competition and winning the season 5 world championships. They went on to win 2016 Worlds too making Faker one of the two players to have three World Championship wins under his belt. Faker is still playing for SK Telecom to this day, the team has undergone several changes over the years but they still continue to power through the tournaments.

Twitch streaming & Youtube

Faker started streaming on Twitch in early February 2017, he was streaming on a Korean site called Azubu up until this point. His first stream started off with a bang having a peak viewer count of 240,000, at the time this was the most viewers a solo streamer had ever had on Twitch. Most of Faker’s western fans were probably not watching on Azubu as it was a Korean website, his transition to Twitch allowed him to connect with his western fans more than ever. Since then he has gained 1,867,000 followers and 58,174,000 views.

Faker is also very active on Youtube and other social media. His youtube channel has 560,000 subscribers and over 1000 uploads. He uploads gameplay videos on a daily basis which get anywhere from 100,000 to 2 million views. All of Faker’s gameplay videos have English subtitles which is great as he generally speaks Korean while streaming.


1st Place – Champions 2013 Summer

1st Place – Korea Regional Finals Season 3

1st Place – Worlds Season 3

1st Place – Champions 2014 Winter

1st Place – All-Star 2014 Paris

1st Place – NLB 2014 Summer

1st Place – Champions 2015 Spring Preseason

1st Place – Champions 2015 Spring Playoffs

1st Place – Champions 2015 Summer

1st Place – Champions 2015 Summer Playoffs

1st Place –  Worlds 2015

1st Place –  IEM Season 10 World Championship

1st Place – LCK 2016 Spring Playoffs

1st Place – MSI 2016

1st Place – Worlds 2016

1st Place – LCK 2017 Spring

1st Place – LCK 2017 Spring Playoffs

1st Place – 2017 Mid-Season Invitational

1st Place – LCK 2019 Spring Playoffs

Setup Overview

Faker’s Mouse

Faker uses the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse, he previously used the Razer Deathadder. The Corsair Sabre is a lightweight gaming mouse with RGB lighting and a comfortable shape. There are four extra buttons on the left side of the mouse, two on the side and another two beside the left click button. This is a great mouse for both MOBA and FPS gaming, if it’s good enough for Faker then it’s good enough for anyone.

Faker’s Mousepad

Faker uses the Corsair MM400 mousepad. The MM400 is a low-friction mousepad optimized for gaming-grade sensors. Corsair make great gaming mice and it makes sense that they produce high-quality mousepads to go with them. Faker uses a medium-sized mousepad, he plays with a fairly high sensitivity so a huge mousepad is not necessary.

Faker’s Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are amazing for League of Legends. Faker plays with the Corsair K70 mechanical keyboard which is designed with gaming in mind. It’s a full-sized keyboard with RGB backlighting and a removable wrist rest. There are 5 switches to choose from when buying the K70 on Amazon, Cherry Mx Red, Cherry Mx Blue, Cherry Mx Brown, Cherry Mx Speed, and Cherry Mx Silent.

Faker’s Monitor

Faker uses a low lag gaming monitor, the BenQ XL2430T. This is one of the most popular gaming monitors amongst both pro and casual gamers. It has a 144Hz refresh rate which provides an extremely smooth gaming experience. The 1ms response time lets you focus on the game, not the monitor. The BenQ ZOWIE series has been dominating the gaming monitor market for a while, it makes sense that SKT would pick these up for their players.

Faker’s Headset

Faker uses the Corsair Void Pro headset, it’s a comfy headset with a great mic and high-quality surround sound. The ear cushions are made of memory foam making them perfect for long gaming sessions. You will be able to clearly communicate with your teammates thanks to the noise-canceling microphone. The Dolby 7.1 surround sound will immerse you into whatever game you’re playing.

Faker’s Chair

Faker uses a DXRacer when playing at home or live streaming. DXRacer makes chairs specifically designed for long gaming sessions. Their chairs are very popular amongst pro players and live streamers. DXRacer sponsors many esports teams and events, you can buy specially themed chairs for some of the biggest teams in the world including SKT.


What is Faker’s real name?

Faker’s real name is Lee Sang-hyeok

How old is Faker?

Faker is 25, he was born on the 7th of May 1996

Where is Faker from?

Faker is from Seoul South Korea