Logitech G502 vs Logitech G602 | Mouse Review

On this page I’ll be comparing the Logitech G502 vs the Logitech G602. These mice are pretty similar in that they are both wireless, big, and have a lot of extra buttons. Despite this, they do have some notable differences. If you’re looking to buy a wireless Logitech mouse then you may end up choosing between these two. Hopefully this page helps you decide which of these two mice is the best choice for your preferences.

Logitech G502

Logitech G602

Mouse review: Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 has come a long way since the original version was released in 2014. Since then, the mouse was given RGB lighting, a HERO sensor, and most recently, lightspeed wireless. G502 fans have been asking for a wireless version for a long time, the reason it took so long is because Logitech didn’t want to sacrifice any of the original qualities. Of course there is one change that Logitech could not avoid, the price. Like all wireless gaming mice, the G502 lightspeed is significantly more expensive than the wired version.

Shape and design

It’s a relatively large mouse so naturally it’s on the heavy side weighing 114g without any of the additional weights. Although the mouse is large, it’s still slightly smaller than the Logitech G602. It has a nice ergonomic design with subtle comfort curves, a thumb ledge, and rubber side grips on both sides. Due to the size of the mouse, the additional buttons, and the comfy shape, I would say the G502 is more suited to MMO and MOBA games rather than aim heavy FPS games like CSGO.

logitech g502 lightspeed review

Lightspeed Wireless

Wireless gaming mice are no longer considered worse for competitive gaming, especially when it comes to Logitech mice. Logitech’s lightspeed technology is approved by multiple esport pros including Bjergsen from TSM, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for anyone. 

With a full charge, the G502 can last up to 60 hours with lighting disabled and 48 hours with lighting enabled. You’re able to use the mouse while charging it so there shouldn’t be much downtime, a 5-minute charge on USB 2.0 provides 2.5 hours of use, that’s pretty impressive.

The G502 is also compatible with the Logitech Powerplay mouse pad which is able to charge the mouse just by placing it on the pad. Combining the G502 with the Powerplay mouse pad essentially gives it infinite charge.

Extra buttons

The G502 has a pretty unique button layout that may look hectic at first glance. There are 5 extra buttons on the side of the mouse and two on top. And if that’s not enough, the scroll wheel can be clicked left and right giving you even more options. All of these additional buttons make the G502 a decent choice for MMO games such as World of Warcraft. Each button has its own default effect but you can rebind them to whatever you like using the Logitech G-HUB.

Another cool feature is the infinite scroll wheel, you can press a button to unlock the scroll wheel giving it an infinite effect. The button is located just below the wheel itself and cannot be rebound to anything else. It’s kind of a strange feature but can be useful for things like video editing or browsing.


The G502 is equipped with Logitech’s most accurate gaming sensor, the HERO 16K. It has a 100 to 16,000 DPI range which can be adjusted in steps of 50. The HERO 16K delivers perfect performance at any sensitivity with zero acceleration or smoothing. This is about as good as gaming sensors get, you will have no sensor issues when using this mouse. The HERO 16K uses 10x less power than its predecessors making it perfect for wireless mice.

Weight tuning

The mouse comes with 6 optional weights that can be placed into the bottom of the mouse. There are four 2 gram weights and two 4 gram weights, this allows you to bump up the weight from 114g to 130g. The mouse is already pretty heavy as it is, but some people do prefer heavy mice over light mice. The weight cover at the bottom is magnetic making it super easy to adjust the weighting whenever you like.


You can use the Logitech G-HUB Software to customize all of the important settings on the mouse. It’s a simple program and should be fairly easy to understand, it’s really up to you how complicated you want to make it. Like most Logitech gaming mice, you can store all of your settings on-board the mouse making it plug-and-play after the first setup.

Mouse review: Logitech G602

The G602 is another impressive wireless gaming mouse from Logitech, it has plenty of unique features and is relatively cheap for what it provides. Overall, I think the G602 is best suited for MMO games and maybe also MOBA’s, this is due to the shape, size, and number of side buttons. It’s a pretty unique mouse in both its looks and functions, and that’s the best part about Logitech gaming mice, they’re not afraid to be unconventional.

Shape and design

The mouse has an almost spaceship-like look to it, it’s a design that I think some people will love and some people will hate. It’s a pretty large mouse and is about as big as gaming mice get, and of course this makes it pretty heavy too. It weighs 130 grams with 1 battery and a whopping 150 grams with 2 batteries, for context, the Logitech G Pro Wireless weighs just 80 grams. While a lot of people prefer lightweight mice, it’s all personal preference, if you like heavy mice then you’ll like the G602.

The large size of the mouse combined with the thumb rest makes it best suited for a palm grip style. You can tell Logitech have prioritized comfort and functionality over weight and speed, I think this is quite common with wireless mice in particular.

logitech g602 review


While it doesn’t have Logitech lightspeed, the G602 still has a great gaming-grade wireless connection. Wireless mice are no longer considered worse for gaming, and Logitech were a big part of pushing wireless to where it is today. Playing without a wire can make your gameplay feel so much smoother, wire drag causes friction and can be distracting. The only downside to wireless mice is the added cost, although the G602 is fairly cheap all things considered.

The most impressive part about the G602 is the battery life. With two fresh AA batteries, the G602 will last 250 hours in its gaming mode and 1400 hours while in endurance mode. The endurance mode is a setting that sacrifices performance for an improved battery life, this is great for when your not gaming and just using your computer casually. Switching between modes is super easy, all you have to do is flick the small switch below the scroll wheel.

Extra buttons

The G602 has 10 extra buttons, 8 side buttons, and 2 dpi buttons. All of these additional buttons make the G602 a solid contender for the best wireless MMO mouse. Although other MMO mice have more side buttons, the buttons on the G602 should be easier to reach due to the layout and size of them.


The mouse has a high-quality sensor perfect for both casual and competitive gaming. It has a 250 to 2500 DPI range that can be adjusted in increments of 50. While 2500 may sound low to some people, it’s important to remember that a higher max DPI does not automatically equal a higher quality sensor. But if you are someone who likes to play with a ridiculously high DPI then maybe the G602 simply isn’t for you.


You can use the Logitech Gaming Software to customize all of the important settings on the mouse. It’s a simple program and should be fairly easy to understand, it’s really up to you how complicated you want to make it. Like most Logitech gaming mice, you can store all of your settings on-board the mouse making it plug-and-play after the first setup.

Logitech G502 vs Logitech G602

These are two great mice from Logitech with a lot of similarities as well as some notable differences. Both are wireless and best suited for MMO and MOBA games. The G502 wins in terms of performance but does fall behind when it comes to the battery life and price. In the end, either of these mice would be a good choice, it’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons. The main things to consider are the price, shape, design, and weight.

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