8 Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for the Office

It’s not always easy to find mechanical keyboards suitable for the office, they’re either too noisy, too big, or too flashy. This is due to most mechanical keyboards being aimed towards gamers and a younger audience. Thankfully, there are mechanical keyboards out there that have been designed with an office environment in mind. In this post, I’ll be reviewing and comparing 8 mechanical keyboards suitable for professional office use.

1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

The first quiet keyboard on this list is the full-sized Das Keyboard 4 Professional. It’s a work-grade keyboard with some great features. Unlike the keyboards prior, the Das 4 comes with a large volume wheel in the corner, 4 media keys, and one sleep key. This could be useful to someone who does media-related office work, video editing for example.

The switches in this keyboard are Cherry MX Browns. They are not as quiet as Cherry MX Blacks. However, if your workplace isn’t too strict on sound, you can enjoy the soft tactility of the browns without sacrificing the clicks all mechanical keyboard users love. It’s also worth noting that each switch in the Das 4 is gold plated, giving them the durability to last for over 50 million keystrokes.

In regards to design, this keyboard is slightly flashier than the previous two. It has a raised edge on the top right giving it a unique shape. It still remains professional enough to use in the workplace. If you’re looking for a work-grade mechanical keyboard with media controls, give the Das 4 Pro a look.

Key features:

  • Gold plated Cherry MX switches
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Instant sleep button to save energy

2. Cherry MX Board Silent (G80-3000)

Quiet Mechanical Keyboard for the Office

The Cherry MX G80-3000 is another full-sized mechanical keyboard with quiet switches. Although Cherry are most known for making key switches, they also produce a large range of work grade mechanical keyboards. This keyboard is USB-wired and includes an adaptor for PS/2 interfaces.

As you would expect, the MX Board Silent uses Cherry MX switches. The switches used are the MX Blacks, also known as ‘Black silent’. These switches provide the speed and tactility you would expect from a mechanical switch, but with the noise heavily reduced. This is ideal for an office/workplace where having a loud mechanical keyboard would be distracting or impractical.

Design-wise this keyboard is professional and simplistic. It is encased in a black clean outer shell made out of sturdy plastic. The only embellishment is the red ‘Cherry MX’ logo in the top left corner. This gives the keyboard a very corporate feel. If you are looking for a keyboard that is silent when in use and discreet in its design, give the MX Board Silent some consideration.

Key features:

  • MX Silent Black switches
  • Rated for 50 million key presses
  • Professional design

3. Filco Majestouch-2

Filco Majestouch 2 Professional Keyboard

The Filco Majestouch-2 is what you would call a “Tenkeyless” keyboard. This means the keyboard has all the regular keys minus the numpad. This compact keyboard looks no different from your regular office keyboard, so if inconspicuous is what you are after, then the Majestouch-2 is the way forward.

In regards to key switches, Amazon provide you with a range of options; MX Black, Blue, Red, Brown, and Silent Red. You have Brown and Blue for the tactile option, Black for the silent option, and Red for the speed option. What’s surprising here is that there is a silent option for the Reds. Silent Reds are the perfect choice for a combination of work and gaming use.

The Filco is encased in black plastic with two LEDs for caps lock and scroll lock. Priced at just over $100, the Majestouch-2 is quite pricey. However, if you’re looking for a stealthy mechanical keyboard suitable for the office, then you may have found it.

Key features:

  • Compact TKL size
  • Cherry MX Silent Red switches available
  • Simple design

4. Happy Hacking Professional Type-S

The Happy Hacking Professional Type-S is a 60% mechanical keyboard, this means it’s missing the arrow keys, function keys, the numpad, and navigational keys. This compact keyboard may look simplistic in design, but the high cost doesn’t come without its fair share of features. It has two USB upstream ports, two USB downstream ports, and built-in dip switching allowing for compatibility on all operating systems.

The Professional Type-S comes installed with the renowned Topre switches. Many consider them to be the ideal switches for professional use. A Topre switch is comprised of a mechanical conical spring, a rubber dome, and an electrostatic capacitive sensor. Topre key switches eliminate key chatter, whilst still providing mechanical tactility. It’s almost like a combination between a rubber dome key and a mechanical key. People love the light ‘thock’ sound the keys produce when pressed.

The design features are minimalist and practical. The keyboard is built with a cylindrical step structure. This means that the typeface is curved in design, which is said to feel natural and ergonomic for long hours of typing. This could be very useful for people who experience finger or hand pain when typing at work. Finally, the PBT keys are printed using ‘Dye sublimation’ so the letters will never fade or wear off. If you are someone who is looking to pay for the premium level of work-grade keyboards, look no further.

Key features:

  • Portable 60% size
  • Renowned Topre switches
  • Sloped design for improved ergonomics

5. Razer Blackwidow Lite

The Razer Blackwidow Lite is a TKL mechanical keyboard equipt with Razer’s new Silent Orange switches. The Orange switches are quiet while still providing a nice tactile feedback, making them perfect for both gaming and office use. A full set of o-rings are included with the keyboard which can be used to dampen the noise even further.

Razer have opted out of their usual flashy style and have instead given the Blackwidow Lite a subtle design. It’s available in matte black, mercury white, and a slightly more expensive stormtrooper edition. The low weight of 670 grams makes it almost three times lighter than the Blackwidow Chroma. As far as mechanical keyboards go, the Blackwidow Lite is relatively cheap being less than $100 as of writing this review.

The compact size, lightweight build, and detachable cable make it a super portable keyboard. Overall, I’m a big fan of Razer’s approach with the Blackwidow Lite. They have successfully dealt with two of the common issues people have with mechanical keyboards, noisy switches, and over-the-top designs. All of these missing keys can still be accessed by using Fn or Alt modifiers.

Key features:

  • Compact TKL size
  • Razer Orange quiet mechanical switches
  • Full set of o-rings included
  • Subtle lightweight design

6. iKBC Table E412

Mechanical keyboard for editing

The iKBC Table E412 is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with a tenkeyless option also available. This is a work-grade keyboard with a built-in wrist rest. It has 6 media keys and a volume wheel in the top right corner. It also has a unique password protect switch feature, that locks the keyboard when you are away from your desk.

The switches that Amazon offer for this keyboard are; MX Reds, Browns, Clears, Silent Reds, Blues, and low-profile Reds. So many switches to choose from should make it suitable for all typing styles. Low profile reds are interesting as they provide the same linear tracking as the originals but with a lower actuation force, making them slightly quieter.

The Table E412 has a pretty interesting design. The addition of the wrist wrest makes it quite large, so you will need a considerable amount of desk space. It is also the first keyboard on this list to be LED-backlit, with a light blue haze highlighting the keys. The surface size of the keycaps is also 40 percent larger than standard ones. This keyboard is definitely suited to people with large hands. If you appreciate the added comfort of a wrist rest and have enough desk space, then this could be the choice for you.

Key features:

  • Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches available
  • Built-in wrist rest
  • Dedicated media controls
  • TKL version available

7. Code V3 87-Key


The Code V3 is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard from Code Keyboards. They quote this model as “A simple, clean, beautiful mechanical keyboard that is meant to last for years”. I’m a big fan of TKL keyboards and the space they save on your desk. The Code V3 has LED backlit keys which can be toggled with a press of a key.

The switches Amazon offers you with this keyboard are; Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Clear, and Green. This is the only keyboard on this list where MX Green switches are available. Many compare the feel of these switches to IBM Model M ‘Buckling Spring’ Switches, which are considered some of the best typing switches ever made. This is due to the high actuation force and the extremely tactile feedback it provides. But be warned, these switches are definitely on the louder side. 

Build quality and durability seems to be the emphasis of this keyboard. It is a heavy keyboard weighing around 2.42 pounds. This is due to the key switches being mounted to a steel backplate for a solid, stable feel. The PCB is dual-layered for extra durability and the textured plastic case is fingerprint and scratch-resistant. Although the build quality does come with a price, the Code V3 is one of the more costly boards on this list.

Key features:

  • Compact TKL size
  • LED backlighting
  • Simple professional design

8. Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a 60% mechanical keyboard and is possibly the most popular 60% board on the market. Ducky are known for their high-quality mechanical keyboards and the One 2 Mini is no exception. It’s marketed as a gaming keyboard and is used by multiple pro players, the most notable being Tfue. Like most 60% keyboards, it’s missing the arrow keys, function keys, the numpad, and the navigational keys.

The wide range of switches to choose from makes the One 2 Mini suitable for all typing preferences. There are currently 5 Cherry MX switches available when you order from Amazon US. The doubleshot PBT keycaps have transparent lettering allowing the RGB backlighting to shine through. Ducky promises long-lasting keys with zero fading on the lettering.

It’s a cool-looking keyboard with a unique two-piece casing, the top half is black and the bottom half is white. All of the keys are raised above the edges of the keyboard giving them a floating effect. The RGB lighting enhances this effect even further. As the name suggests, the Ducky One 2 Mini is a small mechanical keyboard perfect for gaming, working, and traveling.

Key features:

  • 5 Cherry MX switches to choose from
  • Portable 60% size
  • Doubleshot PBT keycaps
  • Keycap puller + extra keycaps included

Mechanical Keyboards for the Office

While they may be hard to find, professional mechanical keyboards for the office do exist. I tried my best to include a good range of styles, sizes, and switches. While this list is ordered, none of these keyboards are necessarily better than each other. Hopefully, this page has helped you get one step closer to finding the right keyboard for you.

Thanks for reading : – )