Reckful’s Streaming Setup & Bio

On this page, I’ll be talking about Reckful’s gaming setup, his history with WoW, Everland and Tea Time with Byron.

reckful streaming setup, mouse, keyboard, headphones

Reckful is one of the original Twitch streamers, his account was created in 2009 but he didn’t start streaming until a few years later. He is known to take long breaks from Twitch which can last weeks or even months. There have been a lot of memorable eras of the stream: WoW, Hearthstone, Pokemon Go, Slothfather, Autochess and many more. Nowadays Reckful streams to entertain himself, not for the money.

Reckful's Gaming Setup

Reckful's Streaming Setup

World of Warcraft PVP

Reckful has been playing MMO games since 1999 starting with Asheron’s Call when he was 10 years old. He managed to build a reputation on AC for his PVP skills, he used to lie about his age to the other players because he was so young at the time. He later transitioned into WoW arenas and quickly became one of the best rogues at PVP. His arena videos have millions of views and this is allowed him to build his streaming career as quick as he did. He slowly lost interest in WoW over time and was actually banned on his main account a few years ago. Blizzard decided to ban him on Christmas day… for account sharing…

Reckful’s MMO: Everland

Reckful started developing his own MMO during July 2018. All of the devs were found through his stream, most of the work and planning is done online through Discord. Reckful has always said he needs something productive to do outside of streaming, I think this was his main motivation behind Everland. There have been a few sneak peeks of the game but mostly just screenshots. The website says it will be released in 2019 but Reckful has said it’s taking longer than he thought it would. Unfortunately, the last Dev Journal was 9 months ago and it’s pretty hard to get more info about the game.

Reckful's MMO Everland

Tea Time with Byron

Reckful started his own podcast in early 2018 called Tea Time with Byron, the name comes from an old sub alert he used to have on Twitch. In the podcast Reckful talks to other streamers about streaming, games and whatever they feel like. The production value is surprisingly high, there are multiple camera angles and it’s set in a fancy location. There have only been 4 episodes and they were all recorded in 2018. The guests so far have been: xQc, Destiny, Marc Merill, and Ice Poseidon. I have no idea if Reckful plans to do more episodes in the future but let’s hope he does.

Tea Time with Byron xQc

Setup Overview

Reckful’s Keyboard

Reckful uses a Varmilo 87 Key keyboard with Cherry Mx Brown switches. It’s a TKL keyboard which means it’s missing the numpad, TKL stands for tenkeyless. This is a very high-quality keyboard and it comes with an 18 month warranty. Reckful is well known for his fast typing skills, there have been a lot of entertaining videos and streams of him playing typeracer. This is Reckful’s go-to keyboard for typing and gaming.

Reckful’s Headphones

Reckful bought $1400+ headphones in mid 2018, the Focal Clear Over-Ear Audiophile headphones. This is a lot of money to spend on a pair of headphones, Reckful tested the new pair against his old pair on stream, he struggled to tell the difference. He has a popular video on his youtube channel testing them, you can watch it here.

Reckful’s Mouse

Reckful uses the Logitech G703 gaming mouse which is the wireless version of the G403. The G703 is a wireless mouse with RGB lighting, two side buttons, and a high-quality sensor. Logitech make the best wireless gaming peripherals, the G703 has a 24 hour battery life with lighting and 32 hours with no lighting. The mouse weighs 107 grams and has a maximum DPI of 12,000 with a minimum of 200.

Reckful’s Microphone

Reckful has the Shure SM7B microphone, this is the most popular mic amongst livestreamers. He uses the RODE PSA 1 stand to hold the mic up to his face. The Shure SM7B is used by other big streamers such as Asmongold, Shroud, Sodapoppin and many more. This mic is perfect for livestreams, podcasts or any other kind of broadcasting. It requires a lot more setting up than a simple headset or table mic, it’s worth the effort though if you’re aiming for a high-quality audio setup.

Reckful’s Monitor

Reckful has the BenQ EL2870U gaming monitor. This is a 4K 28” monitor with a 1ms response time, BenQ monitors are extremely popular amongst streamers and pro players. The AMD FreeSync eliminates image tearing and choppy gameplay, using a high-quality monitor provides smoother gameplay across the board.


What is Reckful’s real name?

Reckful’s real name is Byron Bernstein

Where is Reckful from?

Reckful is from LA California and currently lives in Austin Texas