Hyperglide Mouse Skates Review | 100% PTFE Mouse Feet

On this page I’ll be reviewing and talking about the Hyperglide mouse skates. Mouse feet are the little rubber or plastic pads on the bottom of your mouse. Hyperglide are a company that specializes in making mice feet for gaming mice. Their mouse feet or “skates” as they call them are extremely popular amongst high-level FPS gamers. People will remove the stock feet from their mouse and replace them with Hyperglide skates to improve their gaming experience. Hyperglide created their mouse skates in 2003 as an answer to low-quality stock mouse feet, since then Hyperglide have become the most popular mouse feet for gaming.

The Hyperglide Experience

The effect of the Hyperglides is in the name, they make your mouse feel like it’s gliding across the mousepad. They are made with high-quality PTFE materials allowing them to glide on any surface. These specialized mouse feet are great for high-level FPS gaming and are especially useful for people who play with low sensitivity.

Stock mouse feet can wear down pretty quickly if you use your mouse frequently. The Hyperglide skates are 0.50mm thick allowing them to last significantly longer than the usual stock feet. You usually get two sets of mouse skates in the package so you’ll be ready to replace them as soon as you think they are starting to wear down.

The Hyperglide skates are extremely consistent and will have the same feel whether it’s the first use or months down the line. Consistency is a big part of pro-level gaming, a small change in your setup can throw off your gameplay in a big way.

Playing FPS games at a high level requires insane reactions and mouse precision. The last thing you want is your equipment having a negative impact on your gameplay. People buy high-quality peripherals so they can fully concentrate on the game and not the hardware. Hyperglide skates are simply another way to improve your gaming setup.

hyperglide mouse feet - logitech g pro / finalmouse

How to safely remove your stock mouse feet

1. Carefully remove the stock mouse feet from the bottom of your mouse. A scalpel or small screwdriver should do the trick.

2. Clean off any of the leftover adhesive from where the stock feet were. It’s best to use rubbing alcohol for the cleaning. If you do use rubbing alcohol make sure to let it dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Remove the protective sticker from the Hyperglide skates carefully place them onto your mouse. Try your best to line them up exactly where the old mouse feet were. Put some pressure on the skates and make sure there are no air bubbles.

4. Leave the mouse to dry for a few minutes and then you’re ready to go!

Hyperglide mouse skate models

Hyperglide make mouse skates for most of the popular FPS gaming mice. You can buy mouse skates for Zowie, Logitech, Razer, Steelseries, Microsoft and Finalmouse mice. Make sure you are buying the correct model for the mouse that you own. The mouse skates are made to fit perfectly, if you buy the wrong model then they probably won’t fit.

Professional player reviews

A bunch of Pro players have given the Hyperglide skates a short review, you can find all of the reviews on the Hyperglide website.


“I had my skatez for 7 months and every month that passed, they got better. I can’t understand. Hyperglides glide the best and are the most durable skates.”


“Incredible, best skates I’ve ever used, they have got it all: a good name, good precision and it takes a long time to wear them out, and they go perfect together with the func surface pad.”


“Hyperglides have all the elements of perfect skates: they are easy to attach, they are consistent, the glide is perfect and nothing beats the feel. They are truly revolutionary skates!”


If you’re not satisfied with your stock mouse feet then I would recommend trying out some Hyperglide skates. They can be tough to find online sometimes so be sure to check both Amazon and the Hyperglide site.

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