What Is Mouse Acceleration – Is It Bad for Gaming?

what is mouse acceleration

Mouse acceleration is a setting you can enable on your mouse, with mouse acceleration enabled your cursor speed will be affected by how quickly you move your actual mouse in real life. Without mouse acceleration moving your mouse 10cm to the right will always move your cursor the same distance no matter how fast you did it. With acceleration turned on the distance will come down to the speed you moved your mouse as well as how far you moved your mouse.

Is mouse acceleration bad for gaming?

Most people including me will tell you yes, it is bad for gaming. Mastering your in-game aim or movement can take hundreds or sometimes thousands of hours of practice, it’s this practice that builds the muscle memory required to play like the professionals. Having mouse acceleration enabled adds an extra variable to your in-game aim and movement, you are then not only getting used to your sensitivity and equipment, but you will also have to consider the speed you move your mouse. The extra element to master that mouse acceleration adds is what makes people say it’s bad for competitive gaming.

I recommend finding mouse settings you like and sticking to them, the sooner you do this the better. Every time you change your mouse settings you lose all of your progress on building that essential muscle memory. Do all of the experimenting now rather than later when you have more to lose!

Do any professionals use mouse acceleration

Although a lot of people say it’s bad to use mouse acceleration that doesn’t mean you can’t be good with it, in the end, all that matters is mastering your personal preference. “Swag/Brax” the CSGO player is known for using mouse accel, this hasn’t stopped him from playing at the highest competitive levels for CSGO. Some people who use extremely low sensitivity say mouse acceleration helps them get some extra distance when they need it.

How to turn mouse acceleration off or on

There are 3 places where you can set your mouse acceleration:

  • Windows (or Mac) settings
  • gaming mouse software
  • in-game settings

If you don’t want to use mouse acceleration then you should have it turned off in all 3 of these places. In the windows mouse settings mouse acceleration is called “Enhance pointer precision” under pointer options. If you want mouse acceleration on and have a gaming mouse, I recommend turning it on in your mouse software rather than in the windows settings, the software that comes with a high-end gaming mouse is often more accurate than the default windows settings.

what is mouse acceleration

How to tell if you have mouse acceleration on

Go to your windows settings, mouse software, and in-game settings and check if it’s on. If your still not sure you should go into your favorite game and do this test:

determine a distance you’re going to move your mouse eg. from one side of your mousepad to the other

Slowly move your mouse the distance you chose while watching your in-game crosshair or cursor to see how far it goes

Now do the same thing again but move your mouse quickly across the same distance

If your crosshair or cursor moved the same distance each time then congratulations you don’t have mouse acceleration on. If you use a very high mouse sensitivity it may be harder to notice whether acceleration is on or not.


  • Mouse acceleration is not ideal for gaming
  • Check your windows/mac mouse settings, mouse software settings, and in-game settings to see if you have it enabled
  • Do a test in your favorite game if you’re unsure
  • Some esport pros do prefer to use mouse acceleration
  • Sticking to your preferred settings and mastering them is key