Top 15 Best Webcams for Streaming on Twitch

Most big streamers on Twitch use a webcam, if you’ve decided to start streaming on Twitch you’ll probably want one too. Choosing the right webcam can be tricky as there are a few technical aspects to consider. Which is best for you will depend on what quality you’re aiming for as well as how much you’re willing to spend.  

On this page, I’ll be reviewing and comparing the top 15 webcams for streaming live on Twitch!

The BRIO can stream in full 1080p at 60 frames per second, this makes it possibly the highest quality streaming webcam on this list. If you’re not streaming and just making a video you can record in 4K quality which is pretty insane.

Its field of view has three options to choose from, 65 degrees, 78 degrees, and 90 degrees. 65 degrees is ideal for a head and shoulders shot. Using the 90 degrees option will allow you to get some cool super-wide shots that could capture a whole group of people if needed.

The webcam also includes a 5x zoom, top-quality lighting adjustment, and a great microphone. The BRIO is an amazing webcam perfect for Twitch streamers looking for that extra quality to their channel.

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

The Best Webcam for Streaming on Twitch

The C922x is an extremely popular choice for streaming on Twitch. Logitech is the leading brand for webcams, a third of this top 15 list are Logitech webcams for a reason. This is not the cheapest option you’ll find but the price definitely matches the quality the webcam can produce.

You have two quality options when streaming with the C922x, 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. Logitech promise a vibrant true to life video quality as well as a 78-degree field of view. Having a 78-degree field of view means if you wanted to you could fit two people in the same shot.

The webcam is fitted with two microphones on either side of the camera, this could work as a great audio alternative if you don’t have a headset or table mic.

Lastly, the webcam is equipped with HD autofocus and light correction, it will fine-tune to whatever lighting conditions you are in. Even in a dim setting, it should be able to adjust and continue to record high def video.

You probably know of Razer for their high-end gaming mice, what you may not know is that they also make great streaming equipment. The Kiyo is a webcam made by Razer designed with streaming games on Twitch in mind.

The main feature of this product is the ring light, something no other webcam in this list includes. This powerful multi-step ring light allows you to adjust your lighting on demand. The light will eliminate any harsh shadows while providing flattering lighting to the streamer. I think this is a great feature as it saves you the hassle of buying and setting up extra lighting, you can always turn off the lights if you don’t think they’re necessary.

As for the specs the Kiyo can stream in 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps, as well as some lower quality options if needed. The still image resolution is 2688×1520 and it has an 81.6 degree field of view. The autofocus function is precise, seamless and sharp.

The Aukey 2K is a high quality relatively cheap webcam with a few promising features. The webcam doesn’t require any drivers or software for you to start using it, this makes it hassle-free to set up. You can pivot the webcam 360 degrees to find the perfect angle, this is useful if you’re using a tripod.

It can stream 2K video giving you an extremely sharp image. The webcam has a standard screw thread which makes it perfect for tripods. If you’re not satisfied with the autofocus you can manually adjust the focus by turning the lens itself.

With a hassle-free setup and a high-quality picture, the Aukey 2K is a great beginner’s choice without spending too much money.

The Mevo Plus is a professional grade streaming camera suitable for personal Twitch streaming all the way up to high scale events. First of all, it’s expensive, the price is made up for with an endless amount of features ranging from 4K recording to live editing options.

You can stream in 1080p or record in full 4K video thanks to the 12.4 megapixel Sony sensor. It can be wirelessly and when using the Mevo Boost accessory it can last for up to 10 hours while wireless. The built-in microphone combined with the wireless option makes it a powerful on the go streaming camera.

This is the flashiest and most diverse camera included in this list and by far the most expensive. If you’re someone planning on streaming on a bigger scale compared to desktop streaming then the Mevo Plus is worth considering.

The C270 is the most basic HD webcam Logitech sell and therefore one of the cheapest options on this list. It’s another great entry-level webcam for streaming without having to spend too much.

The max resolution is 720p at 30fps, most people would consider this good enough for streaming. It has a built-in microphone although I wouldn’t expect too much from the audio quality, and it would probably be best to use a separate mic.

The C270 is perfect for casual streaming or just chatting with friends. It’s a good idea to make sure you have decent lighting when using this webcam, as it may not adjust to bad lighting as well as its more expensive competitors.

Razer Stargazer

Razer-Stargazer gaming webcam for twitch

Razer’s Stargazer is a depth-sensing HD webcam. The main feature of this webcam is the dynamic background removal, Razer claim that green screens are unnecessary with the Stargazer as it can remove the background for you.

The other features include 3D scanning, in-game video team play, and facial recognition. To unlock all of these features you’re going to need a USB 3.0 port as well as 8GB of hard disk space. On top of all of this, you can stream in 720p at 60fps as well as 1080p at 30fps.

If you buy this webcam you’ll have a lot to play around with, maybe too much! Razer seem to love pushing the technology when it comes to their gaming peripherals, and the Stargazer is a perfect example of that.

Logitech’s C930e is primarily marketed for business purposes like conference calls and video meetings. Although this doesn’t mean it’s not a good option for streaming on Twitch.

It can stream at both 1080p and 720p but only at 30fps. Like the BRIO it has the 90 degree field of view option allowing you to capture a wide frame. There are two microphones on either side of the webcam giving it clear audio quality, this works as an acceptable headset alternative. Thanks to the RightLight 2 technology it should automatically adjust to and improve any lighting issues.

This webcam lies somewhere between the BRIO and the C310, if it’s right for your price range then it could be worth picking up for streaming.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Microsoft lifecam HD 3000

The LifeCam HD-3000 is a simple and very affordable HD webcam, as of writing this is almost half price on Amazon. It’s very similar to the Logitech C270 in both price and specs.

It can record and stream with a 720p resolution at 30fps and it’s 16:9 widescreen option can give your shots a cinematic look. The TrueColor technology will automatically produce bright and colorful video in almost all lighting conditions. There is a built-in noise-cancelling microphone, the acoustic noise-canceling should help produce clean and clear audio.

Much like the Logitech C270 the LifeCam HD-3000 is a solid choice for casual Twitch streaming on a budget.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio


Microsoft’s LifeCam Studio is the most expensive webcam in the LifeCam series, although it’s still fairly cheap relative to this list. The design of the webcam is similar to a CCTV camera. The lens is slightly indented into the base, this allows the edges to block unwanted light.

It’s advertised as a 1080p webcam but I’ve heard mixed reviews of how well it actually performs. It can record and stream in 720p at 30fps but may drop below that in bad lighting situations. The webcam has 360 degrees rotation as well as a standard screw thread allowing it to be used with a tripod.

This is another product mainly marketed towards businesses, but once again it would be fine for streaming.

The Ausdom AW620 has a funny looking design but is packed with many great features. Ausdom is not the most well-known brand but they have been making webcams for a long time.

It can record and stream in 1080p at 30fps. With the automatic light adjustment, you won’t have to worry about a dim room affecting your quality. The webcam has a 360 degree rotation and can be screwed onto all standard tripods. You can manually adjust the focus by rotating the ring outside of the lens.

This is another plug and play webcam meaning you won’t have to install any programs to start using it.

The HP HD 4310 is a 1080p webcam and the only HP webcam in this list. It’s one of the few webcams with media buttons on the top including a record button and a shutter button.

You can stream in 1080p at 30fps and with the autofocus the picture should be clear and crisp. The HP TrueVision technology should be able to adjust to all lighting conditions. It comes with an impressive mount that can be turned 360 degrees and can be tilted up and down in two locations. The directional mic is able to cut out unwanted background noise so it could be used as a headset alternative.

This is a solid choice for Twitch streaming, the main benefit being the flexible mount allowing you to find the best angle for your shot.

Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide

Genius 120 degree ultra wide

The main feature is in the name, this webcam has a field of view of 120 degrees. This is the widest angle you’ll find in this top 15 list. With a 1.5m cable and a 360 degree mount, this is a great webcam if you want to capture your whole room in one shot.

You can use the manual focus by turning the ring on the outside of the lens. It records and streams in 1080p at 30fps, the glass lens should further improve the picture quality. The webcam stand doesn’t look quite as flexible as some of the others but should be fine for attaching to the top of your monitor.

Dericam are mainly known for making security cameras but they also have a few webcams. It’s a 1080p webcam with a glass lens and a 75 degree field of view. You can stream at 30fps in full 1080p quality.

It has automatic light correction and a built-in stereo microphone which will filter out unwanted background noise. The wide viewing angle combined with the stereo mic makes it great for any Livestream with multiple people in the shot.

This is another plug and play webcam which makes it very quick and easy to set up, perfect for beginners.

The Logitech C310 is very similar to the C270, the main difference being that it’s 5 megapixels compared to the C270’s 3 megapixels. This simply means that it can stream at a slightly higher quality.

So just like the C270, it can stream in 720p at 30fps, has a 60 degree field of view and a built-in mono microphone. It’s super easy to attach the webcam to the top of your monitor using the universal clip, Logitech probably have the best webcam mounts.

If you like the look of the C270 and want a slightly higher quality then the C310 is a great choice.

Summary – Best Webcams for Twitch

There are a lot of webcams to choose from and hopefully this list has helped you make your decision. If you’re someone looking for a simple webcam then I would recommend buying one of the Logitech cameras in your price range. If you like the idea of playing around with extra features then the Razer webcams or the Mevo Plus could be more to your liking.

Thanks for reading and good luck with streaming :- )

What to consider when buying a webcam:


The resolution of a camera determines the quality of the picture. You will recognize specifications like 1080p, 4K and 720p and these refer to different resolutions. It’s important to remember that while recording in a higher resolution improves the quality of the picture, it can also sacrifice some of the frame rate. I would say 720p is a good enough resolution for streaming on twitch, if you want to further push the quality then you could look for a 1080p or 4K webcam.

Frame Rate

Frame rate or FPS (frames per second) affects how smooth your video will look. Generally the higher the frame rate is the smoother your video will look. You’ll find that most webcams will stream at either 30fps or 60fps depending on what resolution you’re recording at. What frame rate you will need will depend on what your doing, if your webcam is going to be capturing a lot of movement then it could be smart to look for a 60fps webcam. If you’re mostly sitting at your PC gaming then you may prefer a higher quality webcam that records at 30 frames per second instead.

60fps compared to 30fps (video)


Webcams are small cameras and therefore have small lenses. Small lenses are not always good at picking up the light from a room. When a camera cannot pick up enough light the quality suffers a lot. A lot of webcams have auto light adjustment features that can help with this issue. Even with these auto light features its a good idea to consider the lighting in your room and if there’s any way to improve it.

Autofocus and manual focus

Most webcams nowadays will have built-in autofocus. Autofocus will automatically focus on the subject in front of it so you don’t have to worry about moving around. Some webcams come with a manual focus, usually done by turning the ring around the lens. A manual focus can be useful as you don’t have to rely on the autofocus technology to be perfect.

Field of view

The field of view or FOV refers to how wide the shot is, or how much of the room the webcam will be able to see. Webcams with a high FOV are great for people who want to stream with multiple people in the shot. Remember that most webcams with a high FOV allow you to lower it if you want to, you might not always want such a wide shot.